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So obviously I’ve been MIA for a while now… I must blame my mid review coming up on Monday (my major is Architorture). But to keep you guys amused until I have time to come back full-force, here is a new blog I started on a whim 5 minutes ago…

It’s pretty much just ridiculous reasons one would be the first to die in The Hunger Games. 


I have to agree with you guys on the shaky cam being quite crazy at times/the horrible chariot fire. OH AND BUTTERCUP WAS UNDERWHELMING…

So what are everyone’s feelings on the special effects, shaky cam, and action sequences?

I can’t believe I saw The Hunger Games three times today… that’s 7.11 hours of movie+all the time spent in line/waiting. There is something seriously wrong with me.

1 more hour… Sitting patiently in the theater.

You better not reblog this for fear of being Avox-ed.

You better not reblog this for fear of being Avox-ed.

I haven’t gotten any submissions or requests in a looooooong time. Anyone have any ideas?